The JSFBuilder Paradigm

What We Build I - A Thin Client Architecture

We offer J2EE / webapp solutions for your business needs. This enables you, the business, to employ nothing but browsers on the client side, keeping any upgrade, maintenance and security issues on the far less numerous and far better secured boxes that reside server-side. Traditional downsides of this thin-client approach are effectively addressed by our products, giving you all the advantages without the disadvantages:
  1. Our use of Java Server Faces in the presentation layer results in an excellent look and feel for the user.
  2. Our archetecture results in excellent response time for the user.
  3. Our use of Java Server Faces in the presentation layer enables maintenance and upgrades using a well-known, well-tested framework.
  4. Our use of Hibernate in the data access layer enables maintenance and upgrades using a well-known, well-tested framework.

What We Build II - A Browser-based Front End for Oracle Databases

After taking an order from you, JSFBuilder constucts a very user-friendly, browser-based, front end application for Oracle databases. As more fully described in our [VIDEOS and DOCUMENTATION], the front end includes page-by-page, role-based security so that you can choose just what data which users should see, and which data they should be able to edit. A top level filtration of the data is included, so that data can be segregated by location, or plant site, or department, or whatever filtration fits your business best. Master/detail formatting is included where you desire it.

JSFBuilder provides a fully complete application capable of providing all of the above features, and it is written in a way that conforms to the highest standards of java coding enabling ease of future maintenance and upgrades.

How We Build It - Extensive Use of Tools

With the advantages of a superior user experience through JSF and the many advantages of the thin client architecture, a reasonable question is why would anyone ever use anything else for business applications?

The answer is in the shear volume of coding necessary to write a J2EE/JSF/Hibernate application, which can easily run into the 100's of thousands of lines, plus libraries. Even with the best coding standards and use of tools, such programs can be very time consuming (and costly) to develop.

And this is where JSFBuilder comes in.

Each of our staff of IT experts, from our DBA staff, through the development staff, and on to the integration staff has worked to develop a set of tools to write the vast majority of code, leaving a minimum of hand coding to produce your quality custom product. This heavy reliance on tools results in a consistent, well-tested product, with each portion of the product integrating well with each other, and the result is a complete application developed with consistent classes, java server pages, and associated support files throughout.

JSFBuilder applications are ready out-of-the-box for many business needs, but they are also useful even in those instances where considerable highly custom pages and methods are desired. By doing the massive amount of code writing for you, JSFBuilder eliminates much of the drudgery from the job of the application developer, freeing those developers to move on to the more rewarding efforts of developing those highly custom methods and pages.

JSFBuilder Results - Simplicity Without Sacrificing the Power of Control

By focusing on a front-end browswer-based solution with an extensive but specific set of functions, we at JSFBuilder can build a fully functional application with fairly simple input from you, our customer. We then write the 10's or 100's of thousands of lines of code using two of the best open-source frameworks on the market, and turn that source code over to you. This then gives you the full power and capabilities of JSF and Hibernate for any follow on work that is desired, greatly speeding up your development cycle and greatly reducing the cost of your development.

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